EVENT TYPES: Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Engagement Party,

Renewal of Vows, Anniversary, Adult Birthday Parties (21 years and Over), Sweet Sixteen Formal and Informal, Quinceaneraa, Debut, Corporate Events, Military Ball, School Dances, Middle School Dances, Prom Dances, Winter Formal School Dances, Homecoming Dances, Father/Daughter Dances

Hello, my name is Carlos. I started to get the passion to be a DJ since i was a small child, the love for art was shown to me by my father and friends around me growing up. I started learning my music since i was young boy always paying attention to different genre of music and styles from latin cultures. I would always like to go with my father to hear and see him mix as well as other family members when I could. Djing had a lot of inspiration on me as I grew up. I started to raise and save money doing what ever good deeds possible to get my first piece of equipment at the age of 12 starting from the bottom up I was able to get there and now able to start my journey as a DJ.


At the age of 14 I did my very first private event a graduation party, at a venue.  I have the ability to mix any type of genre whether from Spanish to English or anything in- between. I have started my long term goal as a on-air FM radio mixer for radio stations. One station is an English format station with genres such as top40, old school, hip hop, 80’s classics. The other station is a regional Spanish station with a latin format with genres such as Banda, nortenas, cumbia, bachata, merengue, and much more.


My main focus as a DJ is to always make the events i’m doing a great time for the guest and most importantly for the main person(s) of the event. I have the ability to control and coordinate any type of event from the start all the way till the last second of the night. Whether it may be from the grand entrance to waltz or first dance or even the cake. My job is to make sure that everything develops just as you would imagine your special day to be.


My love and passion will continue to go on as a DJ and Entertainer and as well to keep expanding my knowledge in my work and well continuing my joy to make your event a night to remember that you would dream of.