EVENT TYPES: Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Engagement Party,

Renewal of Vows, Anniversary, Adult Birthday Parties (21 years and Over), Sweet Sixteen Formal and Informal, Quinceaneraa, Debut, Corporate Events, Military Ball, School Dances, Middle School Dances, Prom Dances, Winter Formal School Dances, Homecoming Dances, Father/Daughter Dances

Hello world, my name is Ivan. This may be hard to believe and it may even sound a little funny, but the thought never crossed my mind to become a wedding DJ, or any type of DJ, really. Although I have always enjoyed a love for music, the only instrument that I ever laid hands on was a guitar. So when I was given the opportunity to become a DJ, I was honestly quite surprised by this offer, but also very open to the idea of djing due to my love of music.

I’ve loved music my whole life, as well as loving to interact with people. My djing career started as just a mere Roady; the helping hand of a DJ to set up equipment. And this is when I began to learn the art of djing. Ever since that time, I have both gained and honed the skills necessary to professionally DJ. I feel like I have mastered the skills as a DJ tremendously in many areas and that those skills have made me not just a good DJ, but a great wedding DJ as well.

Through the assistance of DJ Swift, I further improved my djing skills even more than what they had already become. As an MC, I feel like I have worked very hard to get to the point where I am in my life and my bilingual abilities allow me to make announcements at events and parties where I DJ in both English and Spanish.


I have the capabilities to successfully help control any type of event, especially wedding events, even with minor details such as  making sure that the utensils are ready for the slicing of the cake prior to announcing the cake or the pouring of the champagne. My job is to ensure that everything develops just as you imagined your dream wedding to be as a little girl, and by doing just that I’m helping you to enjoy your dream wedding!


Starting from the bottom up, I can now proudly say that I have performed at over 450 private events and over 500 weddings, ranging from all ages and all music genres. Each event where I perform is unique and different, and because of these differences I have learned how to master the customization of events and ceremonies for our clients per their different and unique tastes in music, etc.

My passion as a Disc Jockey continues and grow more and more each day that I perform and will continue to grow as I become not only one of the best Wedding DJ’s there is but also a great turntablist!