EVENT TYPES: Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Engagement Party,

Renewal of Vows, Anniversary, Adult Birthday Parties (21 years and Over), Sweet Sixteen Formal and Informal, Quinceaneraa, Debut, Corporate Events, Military Ball, School Dances, Middle School Dances, Prom Dances, Winter Formal School Dances, Homecoming Dances, Father/Daughter Dances

Hello, My name is John. As a former Folkloric dance student, I have had an appreciation for music from other cultures from a young age. Djing however was not in my mind until I saw one of my uncles djing at a family party. Because he was so welcoming and willing to let me give it a shot, I felt comfortable behind the booth and when I heard the words “you’re a natural’’ I began to wonder what it would be like to become a DJ.

A month later, I went out and purchased my first DJ set at the age of 18. I quickly began to gain experience by djing local house parties, family parties, and even a sweet 16 and a wedding in my first year. Thanks to a former employer, I was introduced to a local Dj who took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of Djing professionally.  During this stage of my career, I learned the importance of an opening DJ and how to warm up a dance floor.


A few years later, I had the chance to take my DJing career to the next level by developing my skills as a bilingual MC. Thanks to my time spent training with Danny, I am now comfortable being the host of any type of event, especially weddings. Without a doubt, my love for DJing continues to grow with every event that I perform.