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Music Request and Event Planners

Formal Events Planning Form 

In order to find a Music Selection you will select the little Musical note. It will lead you to a song search field.  You will type the name of the artist or song, select Use and continue the process.  If you stumble across a song that was not in our system, then you would simply type it in manually.  When you are filling in this information it is very crucial that you constantly select the Save My Planner tab located at the bottom of the page, off to the right. When fully completed you will then Submit My Planner. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact Support.

Music Request

You will then begin your song search.  When you type in your artist and the list of songs generate, you will then choose a song, and use the Green Add- To must PlayYellow Add Button- For Play if Possible And Red Add Button for Do not play.  After selecting the song it will send you back to your song search.  If there is a song you are searching for and our system cannot find it, there is a section off to you right of the Search Results that says Custom Song, You will just need to provide us the Artist and name of the song.  You will then continue with the same process.  Every once in a while you will select the tab that says Save My List to make sure that your song selections are securely being saved.  Then when finished with your song search you will select the tab Submit My List.